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17th May 2024

Attending CHEMUK 2024

CHEMUK Exposition 2024

6th March 2024

The role of Patent Box in reframing patent value.

Making Patent Box understandable for commercial enterprises.

29th February 2024


Visit us at CHEMUK 2024

2nd January 2024

Examining Structural and Functional Claims and their application.

The value of different structural or functional claims can be hard to quantify, but it is a key choice that must be made.

12th October 2023

European Patent Office – The end of the 10 day rule

Deadlines for response to actions regarding patents at the European patent office

4th September 2023

Value of patent expertise reflected in insightful patent grant data.

Intellectual property (IP) advisor’s impact quantified.

9th June 2023

New Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has recently announced the creation of a new Science, Innovation and Technology Department

9th June 2023

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Foreign Filing Licenses

APIF IP Law Bugle April 2023 | Issue 45

9th June 2023

Prior Design Disclosure: A 12-Month Grace Period

For a design to be registered it must be novel and have individual character

9th June 2023

Trademarks: Unique does not mean distinctive!

Simply because your trademark or logo has not been registered before or is unique does not automatically make it distinctive and capable of guaranteeing the commercial origin of the mark.

9th June 2023

Who owns a patent?

Further guidance released on who is the rightful owner of a patent.

9th June 2023

New Guidelines for Patents at the European Patent Office

An important new draft of guidelines from the European Patent Office has been issued.

9th June 2023

Does your brand need a trademark?

A Trademark is a type of intellectual property that helps protect your brands identity. But do you need one?

9th June 2023

The quickest way to lose your invention

Top things you can do to prevent you from losing your invention.

9th June 2023

Can you alter a trademark after it has been registered?

You've registered your trademark, now you want to make some changes. Can you?

9th June 2023

Lidl Vs. Tesco: High Court Infringement Dispute

In its judgement on 19 April 2023, the High Court of England and Wales held that Tesco has infringed the yellow-and-blue logo of Lidl in copyright, trade mark, and passing off. However, the court also found that Lidl registered its trade marks in Bad Faith.

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