Patent Outsourcing Limited specialises in European patent prosecution, opposition and appeal, for US and European Corporate clients, whilst providing advice in all areas of Intellectual Property law. We offer specialist expertise across all industry sectors and areas of technology as required; and our emphasis on fitting systems and procedures to corporate needs enables us to give a reliable and streamlined outsourced service to support attorney added value.



We have the skills, experience and relationships to offer an end-to-end patent service. Our UK and European patent attorneys will act on your behalf, presenting your case to the UK IPO, EPO and WIPO. Throughout the process you'll benefit from our unrivalled patent law knowledge, helping protect and defend your invention and rights, anywhere in the world.

In particular, we have specialist expertise derived from past work in industry and research ensuring cost-effective generation of IP portfolios to augment corporate asset value.


Trade Marks ™

Our registered trade mark attorneys will represent your interests before the UKIPO, EUIPO, and WIPO. We can advise on the protection, enforcement and commercialisation of trademarks; help you avoid disputes; and help resolve any disputes that do occur.


Design Rights

Patent Outsourcing Limited attorneys are authorised to directly file applications for both UK registered designs and registered community designs (covering the entire EU) and we can also assist with filing applications worldwide.


Copyright ©

Our specialist attorneys provide expert advice on all copyright matters, including whether copyright exists, the date the rights came into existence, and who the legal owners of copyright are.


Appeals and Opposition

Our first priority when engaged to either defend or oppose a patent or trade mark right, is to acquire a detailed understanding of the facts and the entity's commercial value. Patent Outsourcing Limited attorneys come from many technical backgrounds, and share great knowledge of the opposition system, allowing us to provide well-informed interventions reinforced by sound objective judgement. Prior to launching an appeal we evaluate your position, discuss your objectives and attitude to risk, agree the strategic direction the case should take, and establish a budget. In order to develop strong opposition and appeals cases we use a combination of:

  • experience,
  • patent knowledge,
  • commercial acumen, and
  • understanding of the product and market you are working in.

The Patent Outsourcing Limited team is highly experienced in presenting cases before the Opposition Division and the Board of Appeal of the EPO. Our proven ability to navigate the complex oppositions and appeals process at the EPO will give you an immediate strategic advantage, as we apply our formidable advocacy skills and broad-ranging knowledge to meeting your objectives.


Due Diligence

Patent Outsourcing Limited is highly experienced at performing due diligence and freedom-to-operate tasks, which often form the basis for some of the strongest areas of negotiation on a commercial deal. This complex process involves asking all the right questions, intense scrutiny of the material facts, and detailed investigation.

Enterprises across the world use our services when creating a new product or brand; purchasing a product or brand; or in the event of an acquisition or merger. Patent Outsourcing Limited works with a variety of stakeholders, including clients and accountants, to ensure that every aspect of the project is addressed. The areas we cover include:

  • brand and product ownership,
  • infringement,
  • freedom to operate,
  • validity,
  • scope of protection (IP & regulatory),
  • anti-trust,
  • confidential information and know-how,
  • territorial coverage, and
  • contractual issues.

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