Mark Houghton


Mark is a European Patent Attorney a Chartered (UK) Patent Attorney, and has a PhD, undergraduate degrees and other post graduate qualification. 

He is a Chartered Scientist, a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and European Chemist, as well as an Arizona Microchip approved Design Partner for over six years.

Mark specializes in patent prosecution and drafting with specific interest in control systems, microcontrollers as well as inorganic and polymer chemistry.


Before entering the patents profession in 2001, Mark worked in industrial research and development for 14 years, as a Research Scientist and Project Co-ordinator for Unilever plc, in both the UK and the Netherlands, and as Technical Manager and Patent and Intellectual Property Manager for Robert McBride plc in Europe. 

During this period, Mark worked on or managed the development of a number of commercial products and created and implemented IP strategies for many of these products. 

Mark is a named inventor on over 60 patent families.  


Mark's experience of researching and developing products from the drawing board to commercial reality and his legal knowledge and hands-on experience of using IP in business enables him to provide very practical and commercial advice.

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