A Future Event - Intellectual Property and Idea Creativity Workshop. 

Patent Outsourcing Limited will be presenting a talk on the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) as a commercial tool in your business. The presentation will explain the different types of IP protection which are suitable for your business.

We will also be discussing the benefits of having IP protection and also how competitors may use IP against you. The session will be interactive so you can ask questions but an attorney will also be available to talk individually afterwards.

Andrew Scott will also be presenting a talk on the Idea Creativity process, the front end of Innovation. Why asking the right question is so important and a methodology to identify, nurture and develop ideas.  The talk will also discuss the benefits of using an expert facilitator to help provide the best outcome from an Ideation session. The talk will be interactive and therefore question are welcome and there will be an opportunity to talk with Andrew separately at the end of the seminar.

The event will also cover the various available business funding in the local area and exporting products and services from the United Kingdom.



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